A Full Range of Solutions for Semiconductor Applications

Working in conjunction with OEM automation and test equipment customers, Innofiber provides custom fiber cabling and/or sub-assembly solutions that tackle the most unique applications. We can configure various LED or illumination lighting outputs of standard or randomized fiber bundles in concentric ring, semi-circle, half-moon, or crescent shaped designs. We have the semiconductor industry experience necessary to solve unique applications.

A Full Range of Solutions for Semiconductor Applications

Multiple applications within the semiconductor market including:

Unique Designs that Create Challenging Lighting Demands

Solutions that provide concentric, halo, or various other fiber optic lighting configurations to meet our customers’ tight space constraints.

Choose a Partner with Extensive
Fiber Optic Design Experience

Innofiber has extensive semiconductor design experience, and a history of producing results for semiconductor applications. We work to bring engineered photonics solutions to all our customers.