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Innofiber supplies next-generation fiber optic solutions to a variety of OEM customers in a wide range of analytical and life science instrument, visible light, and laser based applications. Our team has the background to provide innovative fiber solutions to meet your product development needs with current to next-generation analytical instruments that utilize fiber optic cables and implement various types of spectroscopy formats, including emission, absorption, and scattering techniques in diagnostic applications.

A Full Range of Solutions for Analytical Applications

We provide made-to-be-manufactured product solutions to a variety of OEM customers in a wide range of analytical applications. These applications include:

Total Product Development Lifecycle Solutions

Innofiber offers complete product development lifecycle services from product concept, design, material sourcing, validation, manufacturing, product labeling, and custom packaging and fulfillment.

Analytical and Life Science Design Project Managers

Our project managers specialize in analytical solutions. They understand your technical design needs and your project’s time constraints, quality requirements, and budget. They help the project run smoothly by offering multiple design solutions while looking ahead to potential barriers and regulatory requirements.

Choose a Partner with Extensive
Fiber Optic Design Experience

Innofiber has comprehensive analytical fiber optic design experience, and a history of producing results for manufacturers. We work at the speed of light to bring engineered photonic solutions to all our customers.