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With deep commitments to innovation, partnership, and responsiveness, Innofiber works to bring engineered photonic solutions to our customers. We believe our unique fiber optic product designs enhance performance outcomes for OEM partners by combining ingenuity and intelligent technology.

A History of Photonic Success

Since its founding in 1989, Innofiber has grown into one of the world’s leading provider of solutions in endoscopic, analytical instrumentation, laser, and illumination applications unlocked by fiber optic technology. This deep design experience and understanding of application specifications creates new solutions that save time and money during a product development cycle.

Serving Some of the World’s Greatest Brands

We are the sole source supplier to some of the most reputable medical device, life science, analytical instrument, and industrial automation companies in the world.

A True Photonic Partner

Innofiber is a true fiber optic design partner with a detailed understanding of opto-mechanical engineering project applications. We take a listening and proactive approach that allows for more design flexibility while elegantly integrating a custom product solution offering for OEM partners.

Complete Lifecycle Support

Being vertically integrated, we offer complete product life cycle support from product design conceptualization through full production demand and inventory fulfillment.

Project Engineers with Years of Fiber Optics Experience

Our experienced project engineers are industry leaders that possess effective communications skills with years of fiber optics engineering experience. They understand your technical design needs and your project’s time constraints, quality requirements, and budget. They help the project run smoothly by offering multiple design solutions while looking ahead to potential barriers and regulatory requirements.

Experience Fiber Optic Innovation
at the Speed of Light

Contact us today to discover how we can work together to develop a custom application solution that saves time and money during the product development cycle.