Your Total Medical Device Fiber Optic Partner

Innofiber supplies engineered photonic solutions to the medical and life sciences markets that meet standard protocols, satisfy stringent demands, minimize issues to meet a successful time-to-market product release, and take your medical fiber optic concept all the way from design to production.

A Full Range of Solutions for Medical Applications

We supply made-to-be-manufactured product solutions to a variety of OEM customers in a wide range of medical fiber optic cable applications. These applications include:

Total Lifecycle Capabilities

Innofiber is a full-service fiber optic medical design, development, and manufacturing company.

We offer a total product realization platform at each and every point in the process. Our team delivers solution solving skills throughout the design process that include design conceptualization, development, and validation; manufacturing; supply chain solutions; packaging solutions; and fulfillment.

Figure 1.1

Medical Fiber Optic Manufacturer

Innofiber provides medical fiber optic cable solutions across the spectrum of medical applications. Figure 1.1 outlines some of the areas we specialize in.

Medical Design Solution Project Managers

Our project managers specialize in medical design solutions. They understand your technical design needs and your project’s time constraints, quality requirements, and budget. They help the project run smoothly by offering multiple design solutions while looking ahead to potential barriers and regulatory requirements.

Choose a Partner with Extensive
Fiber Optic Design Experience

Innofiber has extensive medical fiber optic design experience, and a history of producing results for medical device manufacturers. We work to bring engineered photonics solutions to all our medical device customers.